Types of Business Licenses Available in Dubai

Doing business in Dubai requires obtaining one or more types of licenses depending on your activity. Learn more about different types of licenses available & how you can obtain them.

Types of Business Licenses Available in Dubai

Doing business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires a business license. The type of license depends on the nature of the economic activity and the emirate where the business is located. There are six types of licenses available in the UAE: industrial, business, craft, tourist, agricultural and professional. A business license is necessary for any type of commercial activity related to goods, commodities and services.

Companies that engage in commercial activities must decide on the activities they will carry out before applying for a license. Examples of activities that fall under commercial activity include logistics, car rental and real estate brokerage. The tertiary activities must be limited to 10 per license. An industrial license is required to establish an industrial or manufacturing activity in the UAE.

With this license, entrepreneurs can assemble and process goods using local or imported raw materials. A professional license allows individuals and companies to dedicate themselves to a profession in which they have talent, depending on their educational qualification. Some of the activities included in this license are crafts, carpentry, consulting services, printing and publishing, medical services, beauty salons, computer graphic design service, repair services, security services and document cleaning. With a professional license, foreign investors can obtain 100% ownership of their business. People who are involved in activities such as growing and harvesting crops, trading in pesticides, crops, etc., installing greenhouses and those who provide agricultural advice must have an agricultural license.

The business license is also known as a general business license or a business license. It is the most requested and issued type of commercial license in Dubai's free zones. This type of license applies to companies that engage in commercial activities and commercial activities in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. These activities usually include the importation of products, the export and trade of goods and raw materials. The business license serves as regulation and protection for companies operating in Dubai's free zones.

This enables a company for various business support structures specific to industries, such as startup incubators, banking support, and business-specific business incentives. A commercial license is a license that allows its holder to start a business in the commercial field which allows the company to export, import or market a variety of products. This license focuses mainly on all aspects related to general product trading but with the advent and growing popularity of online stores, the scope of the license has extended its reach to e-commerce operations. Business licenses define the scope of your company's business activity.

If you have a business idea in mind, analyze the wide range of activities the company would be involved in and select the list of licenses accordingly. At SPC Free Zone, we offer more than 1500 types of licensing activities to companies and allow us to combine 5 activities in different sectors. There are a number of benefits in the United Arab Emirates such as the growing domestic demand on the part of the expatriate population, the application for government contracts, low taxes, a wide range of business licenses, business activities etc. For example if you are only focusing on operating in the local market you can apply for a general business license in the United Arab Emirates.

Any person or company related to the use of people's intellectual capacities must have a professional license to operate their services in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. A business license is one of the most important documents that every business owner must have mainly because it serves as a legal permit that allows the entrepreneur to carry out a select number of business activities in the United Arab Emirates. The small business license in the United Arab Emirates is gaining ground as new entrepreneurs and freelancers are always looking for ways to keep their operating costs low. It is illegal to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates without a license; the result will be a heavy fine and even a ban on the activity.

For those who want to start an international business in the United Arab Emirates they can do so with a business license. The following are some of the activities that fall under category 0 of specific professional licenses:

  • Logistics
  • Car rental
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting services
  • Printing & publishing
  • Medical services
  • Beauty salons
  • Computer graphic design service
  • Repair services
  • Security services
  • Document cleaning

The government of UAE is constantly introducing policies that are beneficial for businesses such as long-term residence visa reduction of certain business creation
The most common type of company on this continent is limited liability company (LLC).

To obtain a continental business license and start operating an LLC one must apply for an industrial or professional license depending on their activity.

It is illegal to conduct any kind of business without having proper licensing from UAE authorities; failure to comply will result in heavy fines or even bans on certain activities.

The UAE offers many benefits for businesses such as high standard living central location linking East & West tax-free financial climate for personal & corporate income friendly visa laws & regulations lucrative benefits & access to global markets making it an ideal place for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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